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In the beginning there was … Django.  Of course, Mystèretrio Quartet is paying tribute to the gypsy master with this very successful sixth album, “Les Saisons du Swing”, in which they play several of his pieces and particularly a very original and effective “Minor Swing”. But the quartet is mainly distilling its own colors with nine original compositions, the fruits of touring around the world for 18 years. The wide-ranging musical influences have swing and virtuosity as common denominators, but also a warm, personal and authentic sound.
The two guitarists from Toulouse, Christophe Gruel and Cyril Salvagnac, who founded the group in 1998, have the quiet virtuosity of those who possess the gift, to which they’ve added a lot of practice and many kilometers traveled. They can play very fast, but they don’t necessarily.
The rhythm is also solid, with bassist Fabrice Camboulive, the last to join the original trio, bringing roundness and a new sound to the group, accompanied byLaurent Meyer, singular drummer-percussionist who has managed to incorporate into gypsy swing the particular Cajon sound that transports us to the Americas.
On top of their technical skills, the four instrumentalists display a mastery in composition and original arrangements. One can only admire this quality in the writing, constantly enhancing the melody and drawing from its gypsy, Spanish, Latin, Afro-blue, Balkan and groove roots.
For Mystèretrio Quartet, no season is sad, all are pretexts to Swing.
Chronicle by Couleurs Jazz – 19th of may -2016 
MYSTERETRIO QUARTET has opted for digital distribution. As with their last two albums, « Du nord au Swing » and «Restons Scène », « Les Saisons du Swing » is available via the Deezer and Spotify platforms… and will be on 300 paid download platforms.
But even better than listening to the album, discover MYSTERETRIO QUARTET live: More than 1,000 concerts and impeccable staging….
The travels of MYSTERE TRIO
– International jazz Festival of Montréal
– Euro Jazz Festival of Mexico
– Guatemala International Jazz Festival
– Tour in Ecuador, El Salvador, Bolivia, and Peru
– First edition of the music festival of Erbil – Kurdistan
– Gouvy Jazz Festival – Belgium
– Django festival at Liberchies – Belgium
– Salamontjuic Festival of Barcelona
– Tanjazz Festival of Tanger – Morocco
– Origano Festival de Dornbirn – Autriche
– Jazz Festival « Glatt & Verkhert » at Krems – Austria
– Gypsy Jazz festival of Noumea – New Caledonie
– Jazz à Vienne Festival – France
– Jazz Festival of Juan les Pins
– Toulouse d’été Festival – Toulouse, France
– Jazz sur son 31 Festival in Toulouse, France
– Rhino Jazz Festival at Rive-de-Gier, France
– International de guitare Festival of Vendôme, France
– « Les Biennales de la guitare » Festival at Chambéry, France
– Guitar Festival de guitare of Issoudun, France
– Swing 41 Festival at Salbris, France
– and so others…
For what regards the First edition of the music festival of Erbil – Kurdistan the 21st June of 2008, MYSTERE TRIO was selected by the French embassy in Kurdistan, the Kurdish government, and Cultures France.
In March 2007, MYSTERE TRIO made a tour during a full month in South America (Mexico, Ecuador, El Salvador, Bolivia, and Peru), with shows, master classes, and educational concerts.
The meetings
Meetings on stage were made with Manu DI BANGO, Didier LOCKWOOD, Sylvain LUC , Angelo DEBARRE , Le trio ELB ( Peter ERSKINE, Nguyên LÊ, Michel BENITA ), Omar SOSA, MAURANE, Thomas DUTRONC, and many more.
« Mystère trio » : single 4 titles, released May 2000 (EMP Records, distribution Night and Day).
« Expression » : album with 10 titles, released June 2001 (Musiquémo Editions, Distribution MosaicMusic), awarded with 4 **** in Jazzman Magazine in May 2002.
« Comme l’air » : album with 13 titles released June 2001 (Musiquémo Editions, Distribution MosaicMusic)
« Sérieusement live » album with 14 titles, released March 2006 (self made production, Distribution MosaicMusic)
« Du Nord au swing » album with 13 titles released May 2008 (produced by Vitavic, Distribution MosaicMusic)
« Restons scène » album with 12 titles released March 2012 self made production (MVS DISTRIBUTION)
« Les saisons du swing » album with 12 titles  released september 2015, self made production, Digital Distribution only !
« … one of the most accomplished attempt at musical syncretism. An incredible
cultural evolution … This trio has listened much and much and well struggled to
find a formula so obvious and percussive that no one had thought of it before « .
4 **** jazzman
« From the Balkans to South America where they played in 2007, Trio Mystery
cooks with freshness and a high sense of setting up a mixed swing, which is
played through borders and codes. » Guitarist Acoustic –
« We are literally blown away by the diversity and the setting up of this swing
combo capable of seducing a wide audience while renewing the gypsy style. »
Jazz Rhônes Alpes
« Original compositions and a musical sense that overwhelm the public ensure
their undeniable success. » The New Republic
« You can only admire this quality in writing, always at the service of the
melody, who knows how to dig into the roots of Manouche, Hispanic, Latin,
Afro-blues, Balkan or even groove » Jazz Colors
Line up :
Cyril SALVAGNAC : guitar
Christophe GRUEL : guitar, 
Fabrice CAMBOULIVE : double bass
Laurent MEYER : drums, percussions
Born in 1973, he has been a self-taught guitar player since the age of nine, he
plays and composes for several bands with jazzy influences, develops musical
projects for youth for Toulouse City Hall and also worked for Figaro & Co
(« Grease », « Hair »). Since 2006, he has also written music for the show : « Le
tueur au nez rouge », Casting of Rennes, sound and light of Foix « Histoire
d’Oc » from 2012 to 2014, musical creation of the mapping for the « Luna
Orléans », and also composes for music publishing.
At the end of the 90s, he was charmed by Manouche jazz, which had been
omnipresent since then and multiplied musical experiences in swing and jazz
fusion groups (Romanova quintet, Anagallis, Tiptoe Combo, …). For 6 years he
has also practiced the Oud (Arabic luth). Cyril teaches guitar.
Born in 1962, he started playing guitar as a self-taught guitarist at the age of
15, rocked by Yes, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and other bands of the 70’s. He
created the progressive rock band « CASTLE JAM », playing from 1980 to 1987.
In 1993 he set up his first trio, « ASHOK CHAKRA », in the footsteps of Django
In collaboration with Cyril in 1998 he develops musical projects for young
people with the city hall of Toulouse and also worked for the company Figaro &
Co (« Grease », « Hair »). He has collaborated with the Toulouse violinist
Thomas Kretzschmar in the group « Romanova quintet » and has been playing
for the last three years the « International meetings of the circus of
tomorrow » in Paris and in Montreal. In 2015, he created the French chanson
duo « En jazzy mini ». Christophe also plays Tres and teaches the guitar.
Born in 1971, he started the drums at the age of 8. Performer and rhythm
arranger of talent in various funk and jazz bands, he also plays with the
Company Figaro & Co, accompanying actors in many musical shows (« Les
Misérables », « The incredible Christmas of Mr. Jack », « Grease », « Hair »). In
1998, he obtained a 1st prize from the drum school « Dante Agostini » of
Toulouse where he taught for 6 years. It opens up even more to African jazz
and rhythmics with the workshops of drummer Christian « Tonton Salut ». With
MYSTERE TRIO, he developed drums with derbouka, cajon, Tipijâze. He has
been working on music and jazz fusion projects for six years now (« Romanova
quintet », « Anagallis », « Les Accordés swing », « Tiptoe Combo »,
« Meajam »), and collaborates with Cyril Salvagnac on several sound and light
music. Laurent teaches drums.
Born in 1974, Fabrice studied music at the Music’Halle School in Toulouse (with
Pierre Boussaguet) and then played with the funk group « Ketzaco » from 1997
to 2004, multiplying the concerts throughout France. He composed music for
several theater shows from 2005 to 2007, whose performances took place at
the « Gaité Montparnasse » and at the « Clavel » theater in Paris. He also
participates in the Opera-Jazz « Mise à nu » in 2009 as part of the festival « La
Novela ».
During this time he has been playing his double bass in several big band in
Toulouse, notably the « Jazz Silicious Big Band », and is currently participating
in the jazz fusion band « Tiptoe Combo and Meajam ». He has also been
involved for 3 years in the poetic-musical project « Soir de grand vent » with
the band « Compagnie des temps venus ». Fabrice also teaches the double